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Get to know Eco-Cem

Eco-Cem® tiles and slabs are extremely versatile. They come in 12 standard colors and have a natural finish that gives an industrial yet warm look.

Engineered from 80% recycled portland cement mixed with fly ash that has been saved from contaminating waterways and 20% recycled wood pulp.

Double pressed, autoclaved and through colored. The wide range of Eco-Cem boards gives a vast choice to those searching for creative and long lasting solutions. No resins, no epoxies, zero VOC’s Eco-Cem is a breathable material that improves indoor air quality. Rectified and calibrated, easy to install and simple to maintain. Color nuances, little conglomerates of raw materials and faint smoothed lines characterize the surface. Some difference in tone is possible between different batches and that every board is unique. During the finishing phase, both sides of the boards are sanded to get the right calibration and evenness on the surface. Faint straight lines, lengthwise, characterize the surface of the board that can is visible providing the unique character of Eco-Cem. The natural finish is breathable and therefore moisture or humidity can come up through the board giving a unique patina around the edges. Bespoke design options for color and sizes. COVERINGSETC Material Solutions Advisors assist and work in tandem with our clients to ensure the optimum solution for the project and to provide custom design strategies. Contains pre-consumer recycled content; may help contribute toward LEED® credits with USGBC project certification.

Standard Sizes: 16×16”, 24×24”, 48×48”, 24×48”, 120×48” Thickness: 5/8”, ¼”, ½” 

Standard Finishes: Honed, Water Repellent, Acrylic 

Our colors

Derby Grey
Minimal White
Natural Grey
Tibet Gold
Clove Brown
Bexhill Beige
Coal Grey
Deco Coral
Celadon Green
Safari Brown
Windsor Grey
Devon Brick

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